For employers

We also direct the offer of our employment agency to Employers looking for qualified employees.
Do you need loyal employees for long-term orders? Or maybe you have noticed a sudden increase in orders and need additional employees immediately? We have professionals for you!
We know that looking for a right employee is a very costly process that takes many weeks or even months. In case of large companies, such stagnation often involves huge losses.

Why is it worth using the help of an intermediary?

For us, the most important thing is that your business grows in the right way.

If you’re looking for an IT specialist, manager, mechatronic, production worker – we’ll find them for you!

We want you to be able to work with qualified people, each of whom will be able to bring something valuable to your team, thereby raising your business to a new, higher level.

You save up to 30%!

In case of employing employees from the East. What’s more, you only pay for the time actually worked – we take the cost of holidays!

You will gain the best employees

We have a database of proven candidates. By using our services, you can be sure that the staff will meet the requirements agreed at the meeting.

You will save time

To meet the expectations of our customers, we have created a database of professionals. Thanks to this, we are able to provide employers with exactly the employee they need in a short time.

What do the employers cooperating with us value


a wide range of professionals' offers


short turnaround time


we have a large number of qualified specialists in many areas


we are still developing

Sectors in which we can help you


automotive –driver, mechanic, mechatronic, electrician


production – machine operator, production worker


care for the senior – carer, nurse


craft jobs – welder, locksmith, painter, etc.

What does the recruitment process look like?

Information meeting

We meet with the Employer at our headquarters or organize an online meeting.
At the meeting, we discuss the needs and requirements for the employment of specialists.

Searching the Candidate Database

A recruiter specializing in a given field will find and propose the best candidates. We use our own employee bases, which is why we can provide services at a high level.

Candidate Selection

We employ a candidate of your choice on certain conditions. We will issue you an invoice after each worked period.

We care for the satisfaction of the Employer and Employee

We are in constant contact with both the Employer and the Employee, we care about the quality of services rendered. To constantly improve our services, feedback from you is very important to us.

Acquiring the right staff for YOUR company

Are you looking for employees who are able to start working for you soon, and thus help you during the period of many orders? Or maybe you need people looking for a job for longer? Regardless of whether you want to hire our employees directly in your company or you are interested in temporary employment (so-called temporary jobs) Sedulus Sp. z o.o. will meet your requirements! Your inquiry will go directly to our commercial department and its representative will contact you immediately!

Contract type

Data processing agreement

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