About us

Sedulus Sp. z o.o. is a qualified company operating on the HR market since 2015, dealing with the comprehensive recruitment and selection of employees willing to work abroad.
If you think of an attractive and lucrative occupation outside of Poland, we offer you a job in Germany. We offer the work of a mechanic, warehouseman or welder. We will find a job for a person responsible for operating specialized machinery and equipment for processing plastics and metals, i.e. a job for a CNC operator.

For people with higher education who are knowledgeable in mechanics, electronics and IT, we offer the work of mechatronics, i.e. a person responsible for improving various devices.

As a thriving agency, we are able to provide jobs to people willing to work in Germany immediately. We also have a very interesting and rare job offer in Germany for couples.

During our activity, thanks to the ability to provide the best solutions at all organizational levels, we have gained the recognition of our clients.

Through everyday cooperation with clients, we were able to meet the requirements and expectations of our partners. Our service very efficiently optimizes the selection of employees, thanks to which it does not cause disruptions in the operation of enterprises caused by staff shortages.

The purpose of the employment agency’s activities is to combine the employer’s needs with the requirements of employees seeking a satisfactory job abroad. So far, we have achieved a number of goals that make up the mission we set ourselves at the beginning of our path.

About us - Sedulus - Najlepsza Agencja Pośrednictwa Pracy za Granicą - biura: Opole, Rzeszów, Niemcy, Europa

For employers

Are you looking for employees?
We will help you!
Write to us and take advantage
of our database of professionals!

For employees

Are you looking for a job?
Go abroad with us to work
permanently or temporarily!
We offer legal contracts!

What do the employers cooperating with us value


a wide range of professionals' offers


short turnaround time


we have a large number of qualified specialists in many areas


we are still developing

Sectors in which we can help you


automotive –driver, mechanic, mechatronic, electrician


production – machine operator, production worker


care for the senior – carer, nurse


craft jobs – welder, locksmith, painter, etc.

What does the recruitment process look like?

Information meeting

We meet with the Employer at our headquarters or organize an online meeting.
At the meeting, we discuss the needs and requirements for the employment of specialists.

Searching the Candidate Database

A recruiter specializing in a given field will find and propose the best candidates. We use our own employee bases, which is why we can provide services at a high level.

Candidate Selection

We employ a candidate of your choice on certain conditions. We will issue you an invoice after each worked period.

We care for the satisfaction of the Employer and Employee

We are in constant contact with both the Employer and the Employee, we care about the quality of services rendered. To constantly improve our services, feedback from you is very important to us.

Do you need more information? Contact us.

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